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I am a writer who loves to Inspire others, through my writing and voice. I write and speak because it allows me to express my self in a positive way and do what I love to do the most which is uplift and encourage others. I  invite you to follow me on my writing journey, and I hope you get inspired by my stories and podcast shows. I hope you enjoy reading and listening to  the content on this site as much as I enjoyed producing it. If you would like to stay in form and have updates on my blog and future books, and podcast shows  comment or check the follow-up box down below.

Coming Soon: The compasionate Neighbor releasing in 2019

Jonathan and Larissa have moved into their new home and, become aware of their Muslim neighbors. They live a luxurious life and are living the life of their dream. They have fancy cars, eat at expensive restaurants, take lavish vacations, and have no worries when it comes to money. Suddenly things take a drastic turn in Jonathan's life when he loses his job.  Where will this lead him to now? How will this affect his marriage and lifestyle? The compassionate Neighbor is a story about two neighbors, and there different lifestyles, and how one neighbor steps in to help the other. 

About the author

Shannon Barnett is a muslim writer who writes Islamic fiction, and short stories. She likes reading, camping, and being with nature. She is a wife and stay at home mom of four kids. She became a writer  to make a positive impact, uplift others and, to inspire her readers with an inspiring meassage. She is also a bloger and the author of the book The Compassionate Neighbor.

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