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Saying I Do

The night was young and Sasha glanced out of her bedroom window staring into the darkening sky. She wondered if he was thinking about her as much as she was thinking about him. Their wedding was in sixteen hours, and everything had been planned perfectly. The pink and white flowers had been ordered for decoration and the cake was deliciously made by her favorite bakery. She continued to look out into the sky, as teardrops fell from her eyes. She brushed her face with the tissue she had baled up in her hand and turned around at the sound of the door opening. "Honey are you ready for your big today tomorrow, he is going to just love you in that dress". Sasha turned towards her sister with tears flowing from her eyes. "No I'm not excited about tomorrow, I'm terrified. The thought of marrying someone to death do us part, is s big commitment". "Honey look I know you love Andrew and he loves you it's going to be ok, you're just having cold feet". Tasha's sister gave her a big hug and wiped the tears from her eyes. "I don't think I can marry him I don't think I'm ready to be a wife. "Girl it sounds like you are scared to become a wife, but let me assure you that everything is gonna be fine...and you will soon see. "How are you so sure,?" Look I'm not, but I do know that when we were kids you always talked about how when you get older you wanted a beautiful wedding and to get swept off your feet by Prince Charming, and you finally got what you always wanted. Sasha chuckled and tried to stop herself from smiling. "I can't believe you remember me telling you that, we were so young then. Wow, you are right my wedding even my husband to be is Prince Charming at that said Sasha chuckling and placing her hand on her hip." Look, girl everyone is looking for love, someone they can come home too and be happy with and you got that. Count your blessings and be grateful sister girl because not everyone gets married and finds true happiness, said Sasha sister after nudging her in the arm. "You know I don't like it when your right because that means I'm wrong", said Sasha with a smirk. "Look go be happy love and be love because you deserve it.!" "Thank you for being such a good sister to me, said, Sasha, while squeezing her arms around her sister. "Alright enough of this mushy stuff, let's go downstairs and make hot cocoa and talk about what we gonna do about that hair. Sasha touched the top of head trying not to laugh. "Girl I no I Look a mess".  





This story is not based on true events or people

The Beauty In Me

Angela walked into the kitchen with tears flowing from her eyes and placed her backpack down onto the kitchen table. She quickly sat down in the brown chair remembering what happened to her earlier in the day. Her heart filled with sadness she clutched over the white table trying to hold her emotions together. She quickly turned her head into the direction of the entrance of the kitchen after hearing footsteps creep her way. "Angela honey why are you crying?" Angela slowly looked up at her grandmother while wiping the tears from her face. "I don't feel like talking  about it right now." "Honey look at me what happened today at school". Angela tried to gather her thoughts together and became quiet for a second.  I overheard some girls talking in the hallway about how ugly and strange they thought I was".  Angela bent her head back down towards the table after speaking. "Listen to me honey cheer up everything is going to be ok. You are beautiful and you need to believe that." "I know grandma but I don't feel beautiful or attractive right now". The old lady with grey hair and smooth moca skin moved in front of Angela." Now listen you have got the genes of me and your mother there is nothing wrong with how you look. Always love yourself, because that's how God created you to be. Everything about you from your looks to your personality is what makes you who you are." Angela quickly looked away from her grandmother before speaking again. "It's just so hard to fit in the crowd no matter how hard I try I always stand out. "Ok well who said standing out was such a problem. Honey sometimes people in life are meant to be leaders and not followers. You have to figure out which one you want to be".  The old lady bent down and embrace Angela with a big warm hug. "I love you sugarplum don't allow anyone to lower your self-esteem. The lady slowly moved to the freezer and grabbed a tub of cookie dough ice cream and two spoons. " Alright now enough talking let's dig in, she said with a big smile. "Grandma, you always know how to cheer me up and make smile." 




This story is not based on real people or events

Precious Moments

It's in the mid-summer and the sun is brightly shining on Samaria's face. Sitting on the front porch, she inhales and then exhales to relax her mind and to practice relaxation. She is a stay at home mom and her days tends to be long and exciting. Her life at the moment is everything that it was meant to be. Motherhood to her is a beautiful role and she loves to take care of her family and home. Samaria loves being able to stay at home with her kids and to capture those exciting and crazy moments.  She watches her kids play in the front yard, and she chuckles at the feeling of cool water quickly hitting her in the face. "O no you got mom said her son running in the opposite direction of her. Samaria stands to her feet laughing and starts chasing her kids around the yard with the water holes. "one, two, three, here I come yells  Samaria.  These are the moments that she wants to capture in her heart forever. while Samaria plays with her kids she remembers when they were first born and her holding there tiny little body in her arms. Samaria's role of a stay at home mom requires cooking, cleaning, running errands,  and playing with her kids on a daily basis. She is the maintainer of her home and the one whom her kids come to when they are sick. Samaria's day begins at dawn and doesn't end until she tucks her kids into bed. Samaria finds her happiness in what she does and is content with what Allah(God) has given her.  Every night when she tucks her three kids into bed she thinks Allah(God) for her kids and all the blessing that he gave her that day.  After a long day with her children, Samaria makes dua(prayer) to Allah, and enjoys the quietness of the house, and reads and reflects on the Quran(last revelation from God). At the end of the day, She is able to reflect on her life and ponder on how many things she is grateful for. She remembers Allah and remembers that All good comes from him.  The night is early, and she sips on a cup of tea while capturing those precious moments she had with her kids earlier in the day. 




This is not a story based on true people or events




When was the last time you stopped to capture the moments in your day? From morning to evening time drifts away, and each precious moment that we have with the ones we love soon passes away. Imagine not thinking about the future, or traveling back to the past for a moment. Instead, capture the moment that you are now in. Breathe it, live it, enjoy it, and make that a moment that you capture and always remember.


Living With Peace

The slow breeze from the wind touched my face while I  stood outside looking at the trees and watching the birds fly in the sky. My eyes wandered at the squirrels climbing up the tree that was full of greenery, while my feet walked swiftly on the grass. I  quickly move in the direction of the spring to dipped my hands into the water to splash water on my face. From a distance, I hear my husband calling the Adan(Muslim call to prayer), and my feet quickly move through the leaves and branches from on the ground. Moments later I see my kids running and tossing leaves up in the air and watching them fall down. I quickly escorted them into the house after they both run around the cabin tossing leaves at one other.  I smiled at them while they both followed me into the house, finding my husband inside reciting the Quran. My husband who is a good man is strong in his faith. I love listening to my husband recite the  Quran, his gorgeous voice always echoes off the walls of the cabin leaving a peaceful mood into the atmosphere.  Every time I hear the recitation of the Quran it brings peace and relaxation to my heart.  A teardrop falls from my eyes after I take a moment to reflect on my life. I'm so grateful for what Allah has blessed me with. Allah the creator of the universe has provided everything that I need. When I remember Allah I think of his greatness, and how all good things come from him. Moments later my husband gently closes the Quran and my children come from the bathroom after finishing there wudu. we pray Asr (afternoon prayer together), as a family and do dhikr (remembrance of Allah) afterward. After our prayer, I sit in my wooden chair and look out my living room window. I ponder on how peaceful it is to live in the country. A smile appears on my face as I remember Allah(God) The provider, the protector, and the sustainer of everything, who has given me this beautiful life that I live today.



This story is not based on true events









The birds were chirping outside of my window while I took a sip of stemmy hot cocoa, and listen to the recitation of the  Quran being played. The Quran a book of guidance that I read every day is a book sent down from the creator that brings joy and peace to my heart. My ears concentrated on the beautiful sound while I closed my eyes to focus on the recitation and its meaning. Every morning I sit out on the balcony and watch the sunrise after the Fajr(morning prayer). The beautiful scenery is so breathtaking, and the sound of quietness early in the morning is the perfect time I like to do most of my thinking and reflecting on life. As I stand in front of my kitchen window to get a view of the beautiful mountains the coldness in the air brushed against my face as I pulled closed the window. My husband called out my name from across the room and blew me a kiss that I pretended to catch with my hand. He is always good at knowing what to do and what to say to get me to smile with his funny jokes and silly faces. As I turned back towards the window I look out into the mountains and watch the birds fly higher and higher into the sky. Standing there at the kitchen window I  reflect on my life and smile at the thought of living in the woods one day and being with nature. I am known to be a down to earth kinda girl, who loves being in the wild. My dream is to live in a cabin in the woods enjoying and, learning about nature. Hopefully one day this dream will come true.



This is a sample of a fiction story not based on actual events



Being Positive

positive thinking equals a positive mindset. I believe that a positive mindset can result in positive emotions and feelings. When the mind is filled with negative self-talk and thoughts a person could be consumed by the emotion that derives from that. In my opinion, negative thinking can result in negative emotions and feelings such as sadness or feeling down. When the negative becomes A person's main focus they are not allowing themselves to reflect on anything positive that is happening around them. It is more beneficial to have a positive mindset than a negative one. When a person is focused on the positive things in their life they are allowing themselves to experience joy and to be at peace with oneself. A positive mindset can bring a different perspective to everyday difficulties and problems. When faced with a difficult situation or problem your outlook can be better with a positive mindset and have positive self-talk. It is important to speak positivity in your life such as; I can do this! I am good enough! I will get through this! A positive mindset can give a person hope and the courage to keep pushing forward when faced with challenging situations. positive thinking is also a good tool to use for disappointment and failure. With a positive mindset and positive self-talk, a person a person can pick themselves up and find the motivation to try again. Positivity and positive self-talk can be very beneficial to how one perceives, feels, and handle things in life.  So throw away any negativity that comes your way and surround yourself with positivity.



Living With Nature

The air was warm that day, and the sun shined through the clouds. As I raised my head up my eyes witness four birds flying south one behind the other. I finally had the chance to live in the woods with a small cabin like I always wanted.  I used to have a big house, expensive cars, diamond rings, and earrings. Life for me is now more than just having material things.  I had it all back then but I don't have any regrets. I believe that life is a journey full of lessons, and the older we become the more we learn and know. Now that I sit here in my cabin in the woods I reflect back on my life, and I can remember my mother saying "Diane why do you want to live in a cabin in the woods, away from society?" I was always known in my family to be the odd one between my brothers and me.  No one ever understood me, or my crazy ideas I was always coming up with. When I told my family about my husband and our plans to live seclusive in the woods they thought I was living a midlife crisis, but at that point in  my life I had a sharp clear vision. I love living the way that I do it brings me peace, and happiness. The woods are peaceful in the early morning when I take my walk and watch the squirrels climb up the trees,and birds flying  into their nest to feed their baby birds. Hearing the sounds of water flowing down the stream brings me relaxation and peace. Catching fish in the river before nightfall, and cooking it over a fire that I made from wood makes me grateful from the hard labor.  Hearing deers running through the woods as the wolves howl, and the trees  move swiftly through the silent wind is an experience I enjoy having. When nightfall comes I lay on my cot  I made for my comfort, and  read the Quran with a flahlight I hold in my hand. Late at night  I reflect on my day and, the blessing that I had received from Allah. I pray to Allah five times a day, and I like to recite the Quran at night. When I remember Allah my heart finds peace and joy. My husband and I have finally found our happiness,  living here in the woods among Allah's beautiful creation. 


This is a sample of a fictional story  not based on actual events

Enduring Patience

She placed the scarf on her head as she wrapped it around twice to cover up her neck. She had realized that the scarf on her head and the clothing she wore were not only clothing material but a representation of her faith. She starred in the mirror at herself clothed as a Muslim woman, and a smiled appeared on her face as she fixed her hijab in place. she reached for her cellphone that was ringing in her purse. "Assalamalakum sister I'm almost ready are you on your way?" The girl on the other end of the phone gave salams back and paused before she spoke again. "well I was on my way, but I have car trouble so I will be running late. She glanced down at her watch while holding the phone to her ear. "Well if we don't get to the airport soon I m going to miss my flight, I have to catch my flight I have to be at that awards ceremony. "I'm sorry but my car isn't starting, and my brother is looking at it as we speak". "Well if I don't catch my flight I won't be able to receive my award in person this is my big night and it going all wrong, why is this happening to me?", Latoya said in frustration. The girl on the other side of the phone paused before she spoke to gather the words to say "Have patience, and remember that Allah is in control of All things and that he is near and knows your situation". "Yeah I know," said Latoya I just thought that things would have gone a lot better for me today". "Make dua to Allah, and read the Quran that always makes me feel better", said the young girl on the other end of the phone.  Latoya stood in front of the bathroom mirror and tossed her cell phone into her purse. She walks into her bedroom and kneels down to pray and grabbed the Quran and started reading, minutes later her phone rings and she places it to her ear, " Assalamalakum have you heard the news?" said her friend she had talked to moments earlier. "No", said Latoya whom at this moment was sitting on her bed waiting to hear more of what her friend had to say. The awards ceremony got canceled it was a bad storm and no traveling to and from the city has been allowed. "Latoya paused and let out a quiet sigh "Thanks for calling me and letting me know, I guess I won't miss my awards ceremony after all".


Dealing With Hardships

Fighting your way through hardships and, struggles is possible when we have hope. At times it might seem like everything is going  wrong and that our life is spiraling out of control. We look for ways out of a bad situation, but sometimes our vision may be like looking through foggy lenses. Why is life so hard sometimes? And why do good people struggle every day? And how do we get through those difficult times that we experience in life?  I don't have all the answers to these questions but I do know that this life is full of test and trials. Everyone at some point in their life will probably be faced with some kind of calamity. There is happiness in this world but I believe permanent happiness is really only in the hereafter. Every day we can become busy with our daily routines and stop to forget what this life really means. I am a believer that everything in our life happens for a reason and sometimes the things that we go through doesn't make any sense to our being. Our mindset in the way in which we think can have a positive or negative impact on our lives. That is why it is important to have a positive mindset even when we are faced with struggles. Hope is the key I believe to a lot of things that we go through in life. When experiencing trials in life yes, we may get down but what is important is holding on to hope in not letting go. Many people go through calamities and have struggles that they deal with in life. The sky is not always dark and the sun does eventually shine again. No one knows what tomorrow brings but hope can get us through those bad days and prepare us for the next day. I know personally in my life that having faith and hope is the key for me. understanding that there is a higher power that is control over all things and that Allah doesn't burden a person more than they can handle. I know when times get tough it can seem like there is no way out of your situation. Yes, if this is you I'm talking to keep your hope and understand that every situation eventually changes and nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes when life gets tough we are unable to see past that situation that we are in, but if we try to focus our attention on the positive outcomes I believe that’s when hope steps in. I believe that hope and faith can allow us to get through hardships. When we have faith and hope our perspective in life begins to change and allows us to see things in a different way. Yes if I am talking to you hold on to your hope and don't let go. Have hope that whatever you are going through won't last forever because every situation eventually changes. Have hope for a better day because no one knows what tomorrow really brings. Hope that you will get through your hardships and struggles and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever life knocks you down, get back up and don't give up because better days will soon come your way. 


Enjoying Time

Time is valued and can be measured by how we use it. Everyone uses there time differently and, there are 24hours in a day half of that day we are either eating, sleeping, or even working. So most of our time is already spent but what are we doing with our free time? What kind of hobbies or creativity do you like to do during your spare time?

However, you like to spend your time is your choice. Some people may like to read, color, watch tv, or maybe even take a walk in the park. I personally enjoy spending my time writing and sometimes reading. My writing is a form of expression and relaxation. Writing is something that I love to do on a daily basis.

our time can be spent on the things we love to do or cherish. Our time can be spent with our family, friends, or taking out time for ourselves. However, you choose to spend your time trying to take 20-15 minutes a day to do something for yourself. I'm a strong believer in self-care and putting yourself first. Once we fully take care of ourselves than we can take care of others around us. I believe that when we feel good about ourselves, and we take out personal time from our busy schedules that we can enjoy life more.


The Hair On My Head

"You are amazing and you're beautiful", said Veronica's mother standing behind her in front of the bathroom mirror. "I don't like my hair it's too frizzy, and all the other girls at my school have straight hair". Latisha looked at her daughter and combed her naturally thick curly black hair into a ponytail. "Don't compare yourself to other girls you are unique, and there is no one quite like you". "O mom you have to say that because I'm your daughter". Veronica heard her mother chuckled from behind her. "But it's the truth you hear me," said Latisha. "Natural beauty is beautiful too, and don't let anyone tell you different". Latisha embraced Veronica with a hug and a kiss on the check. "The other girls say that my hair is nappy". “What's that now," said, Latisha as she lifts her daughter chin with her index finger. "You don't have nappy hair, your hair is curly and natural”. Veronica's mother turned towards her and grabbed both of her hands and placed them on hers. "There is always going to be someone who will say hurtful things to you, don't let other people define who you are'", said Latisha. "you are who you are", and you know yourself better than anyone else. Be yourself and don't worry about what other people have to say about you". A smile creased on Veronica's light brown face, and she quickly wrapped her thin arms around her mother's waist. "Ok now," Latisha said as she smiled. “Go get your backpack before you are late”.



This a sample of a fictional story not based on actual events



From labor and delivery to breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and from dirty dampers to late night lullaby’s the beginning of motherhood can be a challenge. Motherhood has its blessing and having a child is a beautiful thing. The moment a mother holds her newborn baby in her arms in the delivery room is something priceless and breathtaking. From the first sound of hearing, that baby cry automatically brings joy to a mother’s eyes. Being a mother and adapting to the changes in the stages of infancy, toddler, pre-teen, and then to adolescence is a journey in itself. Every mother is different and unique and will raise their child differently than the next mother. To all the mothers pat yourself on the back, take a break, and relax being a mother is a never-ending job and a learning experience, Weather you have one, three, four, or maybe five kids being a working mother or stay at home mom can be hard work. When feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or about to pull your hair out because your toddler is throwing a tantrum or your teenager is acting out, remember that every mother will have her challenges and that motherhood is a gift and journey. To the mothers that struggle to balance from kids, cooking, and maintaining the house, don’t stress if you are unable to accomplish everything that you planned to do in your day. Instead be glad and be positive and hug your kids and give them plenty of joy and love. I believe every mother try’s her best, and is her best. You are original there is no other mother quite like you. All the hardships and struggles that you may have from motherhood will eventually turn into little blessings. One day your kids will remember everything that you did for them, and the sacrifices that you made for them, and thank you for it. Our babies will eventually turn into toddlers, and our toddlers will turn into kids, and our kids will turn into adolescence and before we know it our kids will be grown and start to have kids of their own. So, for now, cherish these precious moments of watching your kids grow up in front of your eyes because these moments are priceless and they won’t last forever. “A mother’s love is everlasting and the bond with her child is like no other”.


Planting Good Seeds

Planting a seed in the ground and, watering it so it can grow is an interesting process to be a part of.  When a seed is planted there has to be a good solid foundation such as soil and the soil has to be good.  Whatever kind of seed is planted rather it be a fruit tree or flower, the seed has to be good in order for there to be a  good outcome. If a bad seed is planted than the outcome can be bad, but if a good seed is planted there is a better chance that something good and beneficial can come from it. This is also true in everyday life as well.  Planting good seeds in our communities, and our neighborhoods can result in something good and positive for others around us. We have the ability to encourage and inspire others to do good by our good actions, and  I'm all about inspiring others to do good. I believe that when we do good to others and we become charitable that it brings us happiness on the inside.  Our words and actions can be used for good and to make a difference in another person's life. When we allow ourselves to give to others we benefit from seeing the joy and happiness that it brings to their life. How we treat others and the way that we speak can send out positivity to others and can inspire them to do good as well. So plant a seed that will grow into something good and that can be beneficial to others around you.  Spread a little goodness and show your smile to others you never know how something so little can brighten up another person day.


you can achieve your dreams when you believe!  Whatever dreams and aspirations you have in order for you to accomplish them you first have to believe! Your hopes and dreams that you may have are reachable if you stay focused and remain positive about what you are trying to achieve. when you believe in yourself you are also building up your self-esteem and you allow yourself to develop and reach your full potential. When you believe in yourself your dreams and goals become a lot closer.  When you are able to believe you are able to stay focused on that vision and dream. Sometimes  Failure can happen in life, but if you believe in yourself and don't give up or lose hope I believe that your dream is reachable. I  see the word believe as a green light, that can be motivating and inspiring.  An inspirational word that allows you to keep going when things get tough, and not give up! Believe and have hope that your goals, dreams, aspirations can happen. Believe that you have the potential to do what you want to achieve.  There may be times that you may doubt yourself or wonder can I really do this? or is this really possible? Has someone ever told you that you weren't smart enough or that you couldn't do what you were trying to achieve? Well if your answer is yes then brush off that negativity and keep going because as long as you believe in yourself you can do it! Never allow anyone to crush your dreams or make you lose focus on what you are trying to achieve. Whatever goals you set for yourself rather it is to lose weight, finish a writing project, eat healthier, or work out you can do it! Stay focused on it and don't lose hope, be consistent and just Believe!